Helpful Tips

The intention of this page is to provide some tips about using various software and online services.

  • Need an Office Suite?
    • download and install LibreOffice (LO) on your Windows, Linux or Mac PC. LO maintained by the Open Document Foundation and is a free, open source and complete Office application based on the original OOo. LO follows ISO standards and is fully compatible with MSOffice and is used by staff in the BHA Office.
    • Open Document Foundation -  visit this site for more information and to find out about the governments and companies around the world who have switched from MSOffice to the Standards compliant ODF (.odt) file format of LibreOffice, Apache Office and others. By adopting this format and applications that support it you can help to prevent your organisation and its members from being locked into proprietry formats and applications.
    • Another option is to use Google Drive and its associated suite of online Office applications. If you have a Gmail (free) account then you already have access to Google Drive and its applications such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, Maps, etc. Hockey Australia has recommended the use of Drive, particularly for its collaboration features. Drive and its Apps can be accessed from anywhere via the Intenet using almost any device - desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.