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The BHMG COVID-19 Safety Management Plan continues to apply to all activities at the Brisbane North Hockey Centre (Burringbar Park).

The Plan is available on the BHMG is available at:  COVID-19 Safety Management Plan (   Please ensure that you are familiar with the plan’s requirements, in particular Sections 7 and 8.

Additional requirements for January 2021

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions that apply from 11 January to 22 January 2021, the following conditions apply to entry and use of Brisbane North Hockey Centre (Burringbar Park) facility:

  • All persons entering the Brisbane North Hockey Centre are required to record their attendance by using the electronic sign-in.
  • A QR Code sign-in is available and clearly displayed and must be used.  Should a person not be able to sign in electronically, a manual process will be available – please ask the facility staff on duty.  It is very important that all attendees record their contact details.
  • All persons must have a face mask
  • All persons must wear a face mask when entering and leaving
  • Wear a face mask if you are not able to maintain social distancing – 1.5 metres from other people
  • Wear a face mask when indoors – this includes when using the indoor toilets or other indoor areas

Face masks are not required when training or playing hockey, but should be worn when mingling with other people immediately following training or playing activities e.g. post training or game meetings. Personnel in the dugouts must wear a face mask.

While spectator numbers are expected to be below the community sport thresholds under a COVID-19 Safety Management Plan, spectator numbers should be kept to a minimum.  PLEASE NOTE: All spectators are required to record their attendance and contact details.

Please refer to the   Restrictions for Impacted Areas Direction (No. 2)  available at:  Restrictions for Impacted Areas Direction No. 2 | Queensland Health

Restrictions are in place is certain areas to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The canteen will not be open until after 22 January and the clubroom will be closed and unavailable for use. Toilets in the change rooms will be available.

Please follow these processes to assist:

  • Have a face mask
  • Wear a face mask when entering and leaving the venue
  • Sanitise
  • Register your attendance, train and leave
  • Have minimal spectators
  • Social distance at all times

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring Brisbane North Hockey Centre (Burringbar Park) is a compliant and COVID-Safe venue.